Prepare for Fire Season

Prepare for Fire Season

The Aussie heatwave is around the corner... NOW is the time for slashing, grappling, removing vegetation and preparing fire breaks.

When time is of the essence, you need tools that will work hard and fast - this is where Himac come in!

Why you need to be fire ready now

Due to our particularly dry climate, Australian bushfires are one of the greatest threats we face during summer. Whether by a fire igniting from natural causes or being purposely lit by arsonists, the acceleration of a fire is directly affected by the volume of vegetation and growth that is present.

Whilst the Department of Fire and Emergency Services will do everything in their power to prepare for Summer, everyone has the ability to ensure that their community and themselves are kept at a low risk for fire danger by addressing any dry vegetation that they may have on their own property.

With Himac, you can efficiently perform fire prevention tasks such as...

  • slashing large amounts of growth
  • clear scrub, small trees, bushes and fence lines
  • handle branches, logs and fell trees
  • scoop up and remove natural debris
  • create fire breaks

How do I get started?

Select the button below for our fire season attachments, then request a quote for competitive pricing. Alternatively you can talk to the friendly Himac team on 1800 888 114