6 Easy Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Landscaping Business

6 Easy Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Landscaping Business

While you rely on traditional marketing (brochure or billboard marketing) and references to land jobs, more and more potential customers research online than ever before. That is why you need a sound digital marketing plan to help you generate more leads and build a large client base.

Here are six easy ways that digital marketing can help you grow your landscaping business.

1  Open a Landscaping Website

The website is quickly becoming a primary business front. Often, consumers who shop online use company websites to compare products and services. An impressive and easy-to-navigate site attracts many shoppers because they feel that you are experienced and credible.

You want a simple, modern design for your website that is not only easy to navigate but also has concise information that leads visitors to your call to action. Make your site mobile-friendly since a lot of visits are on phones.

2  SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a household name in digital marketing and is synonymous with organic traffic. It makes your brand searchable and visible in search engines, which spikes up your website traffic and allows you to convert leads into sales and visitors into paying customers.

You want your articles and content pieces featured on the top page of search engines using white hat strategies such as the use of targeted keywords or inbound and outbound links. The best thing about SEO is that you are not paying anything, especially if you have a content writer on your staff.

3  Social Media Marketing

Social media permeates the daily lives of billions of users worldwide, and it has proven that it's not a passing trend. Businesses have recognized the significance of a social media presence as more users turn to these platforms to look for services and products. Hence, the platforms have become an ideal channel to engage customers, raise brand awareness, and promote business products and services.

A landscaping business without an active social media presence is missing out on a golden opportunity to tap into a large customer base, generate leads, and drive traffic to their sites. Some social media platforms (like Instagram) are extremely effective in encouraging action from users such as visiting online shops and websites.

4  Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a hot trend in recent years as more customers demand videos, which they tend to consume more thoroughly compared to other content forms. Most internet users check videos on the products they want to purchase before deciding to visit a store.

You can do video marketing in numerous ways. It can be an educational video, a product promotional piece, a webinar, tutorial, or a behind the scenes glimpse. What's more, videos can increase engagement and awareness, so adding them to your business's digital marketing strategy makes sense.

You can also feature short videos of your completed projects on your YouTube channel, your social media sites, or add them to your website.

5  Content Marketing

Landscape companies that blog consistently accumulate more links to their website. This is because producing informative content regularly attracts consistent traffic. Content marketing allows you to do this. Providing great content that is relevant to your target customer base can help you cement your authority in the landscaping sector.

The trick is providing informative content, solutions, and answers to users' problems. When users go online and search for products or services that they want or need, they can find your blog content, read it, and land back on your website where you can easily convert them.

6  Paid Advertising

Depending on where you operate from, seasonality can significantly affect the number of contracts you get during certain times of the year. However, running paid ads to reach potential clients looking for landscaping services can help you remain afloat all year long.

Depending on the services you offer, always make your ads as specific as possible to avoid ambiguity. Creating paid ads that are creative and specific can help you in targeting your audience based on the services you offer.

Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Landscaping Business

Keeping the above six marketing techniques in mind can help you develop your digital marketing strategy and grow your landscaping business. If it feels overwhelming, you may opt to consult a landscaping marketing consultant for some assistance.

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