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Tractor 3PL Bale Unroller

Tractor 3PL Bale Unroller

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For those with a need for feeding livestock but want a streamlined lower-cost option, Himac have the 3 Point Linkage Bale Unroller.

Featuring hydraulic clamping action, this unique hay handling attachment can quickly unroll bales with ease as you drive your 3 Point Linkage Tractor forward.

To attach the bale; simply reverse, line up to the center and clamp on, all from the driver's seat - then you're ready to unroll! Handles round bales 4 foot wide and up to 6 foot in diameter. Also available for agricultural front end loaders.

For efficient livestock feeding, without the added extras, the 3PL Bale Unroller is for you. Call Himac for further information or request a quick quote online.

3PL Bale Unroller Features

3PL Bale Unroller Features

  • Cat 1 and 2 Linkage
  • Unroll round bales with your 3PL Tractor
  • Built-in hydraulic ram for bale clamping from the cab
  • Designed for 4 foot wide hay bales, up to 6 foot in diameter
  • Streamlined alternative to the Himac HaySpin
  • Minimal height adjustment required
Interested in a 3PL Bale Unroller?

Select the button below to get your quick quote or call the team at Himac on 1800 888 114 to find out more about a 3PL Bale Unroller.

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