Bolt-on Fork Grapple

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Bolt-on Fork Grapple

If want more out of your pallet forks, consider the powerful Bolt-on Fork Grapple for true fork versatility! One of many incredible add-ons from the Forks+ Range.

With the flat fork tynes providing support underneath, this single-piece hydraulic grapple arm boasts angular teeth for carrying logs, large pipes, heavy objects and hard-to-handle loads.

Due to a generous grapple opening you can steady tall loads, and even continue to use as standard Pallet Forks. The bolt-on installation means choosing to use the grapple add-on is not a permanent decision - on and off in minutes!

The bolt-on Fork Grapple is one of several unique add-ons in Himac's Forks+ Range, with even more to be released in the future.

Take your pallet forks to the next level by calling Himac on 1800 888 114. While you're on this page you can request a quick quote for prompt pricing.

Bolt-on Grapple Features

Bolt-on Grapple Features

  • Bolt-on hydraulic grapple (single arm) - install in minutes!
  • 42 integrated angled teeth for strong grip
  • Designed for sliding tyne pallet fork frames
  • Allows regular fork use with grapple open
  • Steady tall loads, grab logs, pipes, large / heavy objects
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Part of Himac's expanding Forks+ Range
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