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Excavator Auger Drive

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Excavator Auger Drive

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Himac Excavator Auger Drives (Post Hole Diggers) deliver absolute power and precision to easily meet your drilling requirements - backed by three top level warranties. This incredible attachment features a non-dislodgement shaft that guarantees the shaft will never fall out; creating a safer work environment for all workers on site.

From a mini 1 T model up to 9 T machines, there is a Himac excavator auger drive for you! When you want performance and value for money, think Himac.

Excavator Auger Drive Features

Excavator Auger Drive Features

  • Suits 1T - 9T Excavators
  • Planetary drive
  • 65 mm round / 75mm square hub
  • Single pin / Double pin / Cradle hitch
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Unique feature - Non-dislodgement shaft
  • 'Shock Lock' teeth system
  • Rock & Tungsten Augers available
Excavator Auger Drive Models

Excavator Auger Drive Models

  • X1500 - 1496 Nm Torque, Suits 1-1.7 T27-45 LPM Flow, Suits 100-400 mm S4 Augers
  • X2000 - 2190 Nm Torque, Suits 1.3-2 T27-57 LPM Flow, Suits 100-450 mm S4 Augers
  • X2500 - 2847 Nm Torque, Suits 2-2.8 T27-65 LPM Flow, Suits 100-600 mm S4 Augers
  • 3500 - 3614 Nm Torque, Suits 3-4 T, 50-80 LPM Flow, Suits 100-750 mm S4 Augers
  • 4500 - 4499 Nm Torque, Suits 4-5.5 T, 50-95 LPM Flow, Suits 100-900 mm S4 Augers
  • 5500 MAX - 5477 Nm Torque, Suits 5-7 T, 50-115 LPM Flow, Suits 150-2000 mm S5 Augers
  • 7000 MAX - 6931 Nm Torque, Suits 6-8 T, 60-135 LPM Flow, Suits 150-900mm S5 Augers
  • 8000 MAX - 8152 Nm Torque, Suits 7-9 T, 70-150 LPM Flow, Suits 150-1200mm S5 Augers
Included Warranties

Included Warranties

  • LIFETIME warranty - Parts replacement against shaft dislodgement and any failure of the 'Shock Lock' teeth system
  • 6 YEAR warranty - Planetary gearbox components
  • 3 YEAR warranty - Hydraulic motor
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