Telehandler Tungsten & Rock Augers

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Telehandler Tungsten & Rock Augers

Choose an S5 Auger (Tungsten or Rock) for perfect sized holes when drilling with a Himac Telehandler Post Hole Digger.

Pairing seamlessly with our Auger Drives, these augers are precision built with high-quality materials that are suited to tackling the tough ground conditions that Australians are faced to work with. Whether you’re drilling down through rock or clay, Himac Attachments makes hard work easy!

Ranging from widths of 6" up to 48", there is a model to suit your machine and application. Auger extensions, adaptors and hubs also available.

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  • S5 Augers: 
    1570 mm length, 75 mm square hubs, 8 mm flight thickness
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Shallow pitch flights hold dirt for removal
  • Extra dig pilots fitted on Rock Augers
  • Tungsten Augers feature ‘Shock Lock’ system to prevent teeth loss when pulling out
  • Sizes available: 6" - 48"
  • Works seamlessly with Himac Post Hole Diggers
Auger Sizes

Auger Sizes

  • S5 Auger Diameters (1570 mm length):
    150 mm / 6", 200 mm 8", 225 mm / 9", 250 mm / 10", 300 mm / 12", 350 mm / 14", 400 mm / 16", 450 mm / 18", 500 mm / 20", 600 mm / 24", 750 mm / 30", 900 mm 36", 1000 mm / 40", 1200 mm / 48"
Drilling Application

Drilling Application

  • Rock Augers:
    Recommended for drilling through solid ground (not recommended for clay)
  • Tungsten Augers:
    Recommended for drilling through clay and rocky ground
Auger Wear Parts

Auger Wear Parts

  • Tungsten chisel tooth
  • Tungsten tooth
  • Tungsten pilot
  • Tungsten extra dig pilot
  • Rock tooth
  • Rock pilot
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